Mediterranean Atlantic bluefin tuna population dwindles, affects Canada

BY JASON CHEN There are increasing concerns that the Atlantic bluefin tuna, popular in sushi restaurants, won’t be around much longer. In some areas in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic bluefin tuna is already extinct due to overfishing. This affects Canada because the North Atlantic is shared with Europe, but that doesn’t mean Canada’s tuna industry … Continue reading

Food Funnies Dec.1 2011

Check out this week’s food funnies and learn about a new Japanese consumer product, bacon and toothpaste…

Bottom line: Canadian kids are growing

BY KRISTINA PARTSINEVELOS If Canada went to school, it would barely pass gym class.  A recent concern among parents is that one in four Canadian children is overweight, according to a report released last week from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.  Many children grow out of obesity, but others suffer from severe weight … Continue reading

A new episode in the salt wars

How much salt is too much? NOURISH// ANASTASIA PHILOPOULOS BY ANASTASIA PHILOPOULOS Who knew a pinch of salt could be so contentious. Health Canada’s recent decision to scrap salt reduction strategies has some health-focused NGOs up in arms. “The more we delay, the more Canadian lives are at risk,” says Manuel Arango, Director of Health … Continue reading

Want to eat local this winter? Go meet your farmers!

Experimental farm in winter. Ottawa, Ontario FLICKR//JAY FOURNIER BY NIC POLLOCK As winter settles in, Ottawa natives struggle to find local produce in the city. But there are ways to keep within our 100-mile diets.             “It isn’t as easy as it is in the summer and fall, primarily because there aren’t as many farmers … Continue reading

FILM REVIEW: ‘A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt’

BY ROBERT SNOW “I’m not insane, I’m an artist.” Those are the first words out of chef Paul Liebrandt’s mouth in the new documentary A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt. The film is the result of ten years of interviews and late-night shoots by first-time director Sally Rowe, showing how difficult it can … Continue reading

Stop and smell the coffee

BY ANGELA JOHNSTON Artisan roastmaster Pierre Richard is slowing down coffee culture and bringing it back to the community. “I find in the world today, the art of coffee roasting has been lost. We’ve been doing mass production with it and we’ve lost that artisanal touch.” Turn the corner onto Lyndale Avenue in Hintonburg and … Continue reading

Can you stomach this? The ultimate test for true bacon lovers

BY JASON CHEN J&D’s Foods new bacon-flavoured personal lubricant and massage oil certainly brings new meaning to breakfast in bed. Advertisement for Baconlube began as an April Fool’s Day prank, but after getting inundated with emails and calls, J&D’s decided to put it into limited production. Baconlube went on sale in November, but only 3,000 … Continue reading

Conservatives end long-running Wheat Board monopoly

BY BRAEDON CLARK & GEMMA KARSTENS-SMITH The Canadian Wheat Board’s decades-long monopoly over western grain sales is on life support following a vote in the House of Commons yesterday. The Conservative government flexed their majority muscle on the vote, with 153 MPs voting in favour of Bill C-18 and 120 voting against. The Marketing Freedom … Continue reading

Ottawa chefs inspired by story of acclaimed chef featured in new film

BY ROBERT SNOW Ottawa-area chefs say that a new documentary about acclaimed chef Paul Liebrandt is an inspiring story for kitchen staff everywhere. The film, A Matter of Taste: Serving up Paul Liebrandt, is playing at the Mayfair Theatre on Bank Street until Thursday. Local chefs say they appreciate how the film is showing the … Continue reading